When I got up this morning to start work, I never once thought I would be told how to eat my sushi by Google.  I guess to be specific, I wasn’t expecting this particular quick answer when I typed in “how to eat sushi.”

Before you read any further, quickly go to Google and type that in.  I’ll wait.  Hopefully they won’t have fixed the issue as of yet.

Did you notice it?  As we all know, Google is expanding the number of quick answers it offers in their results,  and Google has made it a habit to take these answers from other sites without a pair of human eyes doing a quality check first.  I would recommend Google doing that.

When you do a search for “how to eat sushi“, Google has provided, as of this writing, a four-step direct answer that it lifted from Vice’s Munchies site:


For those of you who didn’t notice when you went to do the search earlier in this post, or didn’t do it at all, you’ll notice in the screenshot above that the fourth step says:

“Never shake soy sauce off of sushi.  That’s like shaking  your wanker in public.”

There are two issues here.  One, why is Google offering advice on how to eat sushi, and more importantly, why aren’t they doing a quality check on their own advice?  Somebody, somewhere could take offense to that last point.  But to a good number of people, including myself, I find it quite funny.  This is something you wouldn’t normally expect from a Google quick answer.

Stephen Lau, a software enginner with Google Glass found the hilariously embarassing quick answer and tweeted this:

Original Source by Danny Sullivan