Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesIt’s been announced by eBay that they are serving over 8 million pages using AMP, which is an accelerated mobile project initiative created by Google.  This is the first site that has deployed AMP wildly in a production setting that isn’t a news related site.

eBay has deployed AMP for many product and category based pages for mobile only, and the example URLs pf the pages that support it includes this one and this one.

According to eBay, you are able to add the amp/parameter to any browse URL when you are on the mobile site, which will enable you to see the AM version.  Examples include

Not AMP:

AMP went live in the top news stories box on mobile pages in late February, and the only way to show in the top news carousel on mobile is to have pages that utilize AMP.  Since the release of AMP, its expanded into iOS app, recipes and the Google News apps.


Since people have expected Google to enable AMP promotion in more than just news oriented articles, it isn’t surprising to here this is why eBay took the step to deploying AMP for the transnational-based site.

With eBay’s entrance into the world of AMP, will more companies and businesses take notice and take the leap as well?  I’m sure they will.

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