On April 2nd, eBay notified merchants and publishers that it is going to close down its third-party ad network, the eBay Commerce Network (ECN) on May 1.

ECN is shutting down after five years as eBay says it is turning attention to advertising solutions for the core marketplace. “As a result, we are focusing on business that complements our core marketplace and discontinuing eBay Commerce Network effective May 1st, 2019,” the company said in a statement.

“For the health of the core marketplace, eBay is making a concerted effort to shift its reliance from third-party advertising to first-party advertising,” it added.

Merchants on eBay, in lieu of ECN ads, are being encouraged to consider promoted listings, ads that appear at the top of search and product pages, and other premium ad formats on the eBay marketplace. If that doesn’t suit you, there is an alternative. Publishers will have access to the eBay Partner Network, an affiliate proposition in which content creators can share links to eBay listings, while getting paid when they generate sales.

Ads will stop serving May 1. Publishers should remove ECN tags from their sites, and merchants should pay any outstanding invoices and turn off their feeds after May 1.

Publisher and merchant accounts will be accessible until June 28. Be sure to download any reporting before that date.

SourceGinny Marvin