ecommerce-seoWhen you work with an Ecommerce site, which do you think is the better choice…focusing on the product pages first, or focusing on the site as a whole?  As many of you have guessed, it’s probably not a great idea to focus on the product pages.  Trying to market your product pages does seem like an obvious choice, doesn’t it?  After all, that’s where your profits will come from.  But, here’s where this idea gets a little muddled for those who focus on product pages.  Over time, Google has been moving away from ranking these pages, unless they are very specific searches.

It makes sense, after all.  You shouldn’t be focusing so much on product pages.  You should focusing on the site as a whole, not just on products.

For the post, “Ecommerce SEO: Creating Collections Based On Searches”,  talks about the idea that searches have intent.  Bill tells us that if you are an Ecommerce marketer, or any other site that focuses on ROI, you have to pay attention to what the searchers are searching for.  Because searchers are searching for something they need, SEOs who focus on Ecommerce sites should try helping Google discover the best results that help them understand query intent.

Bill ultimately discusses what it takes to help Ecommerce SEOs create great collections that will help them rank well in Google, and help customers find what they are looking for.  It will be a win-win for everybody.  Check out Bill’s post on YouMoz now!

YouMoz: Ecommerce SEO: Creating Collections Based On Searches