AdWords got redesigned and renamed as Google Ads, and now its that time for Editor to have the same treatment.  The desktop tool that helps to manage and draft campaign changes has a new look, layout, and features, capabilities, as well as a new name.  Instead of AdWords Editor, we now have Google Ads Editor.

There’s a number of things that can be done in Google Ad Editor without needing to go to the web interface.  This will certainly help save time.  In version 1.0 of Google Ads Editor, the top navigation is smaller and is right justified.  No longer is it in a bar.  The biggest change from a layout perspective, is the editing panel has moved from the bottom to the right side of the interface.

The most eye-catching part of Google Ad Editor is the new functionality.  If you’re managed a lot of accounts (it doesn’t matter if they’re in the same or different MCC), you’ll have the ability to apply changes across accounts.

Video ads and campaigns have more functionality.  As an example, there’s full support for non-skippable video campaigns, and you can create bumper ads and add calls-to-action in TrueView in-stream ads. Bumper campaigns are now part of the video campaigns mix, using the Manual CPM bid strategy. If you want to add in-stream ads to bumper campaigns, you can change the bidding strategy to Target CPM.

There are five new custom rules found in Google Ads Editor.  There is one rule that lets you know if a video campaign isn’t targeting Google video partners.

Another custom rule will alert you if there isn’t any RSAs in an ad group that has an enabled expanded text ad.

Ad strength indicator for RSAs  is being brought to Google Ads Editor with a new “Ad strength” column.  By hovering over an ad’s rating, you can see suggestions for improving its quality.

Message extensions are supported in Editor now, and Maximize conversions is available for TrueView for action and display campaigns.

Users are now able target and exclude audiences in Smart Display campaigns and do more with App campaigns in Editor.

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