keyword-research-headerWhen dealing with keywords, SEOs know that you can’t target anything and everything for your campaign.  You’ve got to focus.  You need that list of specific keywords that will give you the proper visibility.  If you can identify the right keywords for the job, you can turn your website into a traffic superhighway, and with that kind of traffic, you’ll be bringing in a higher amount of revenue.  It’s all about quality keywords over quantity.

For , when he’s working on his e-commerce business clients, he starts off analyzing their market (keywords) and then implementing a growth plan for the right areas that have the highest traffic potential.  The secret is knowing not just where your best traffic and revenue increases are.

Trond knows that by implementing small changes, or even making some small adjustments and fixes, big positive changes will appear, allowing you to reap the rewards.  In his article on Search Engine Land, Effective Keyword Targeting: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue, you’ll find that in order to reap these rewards, all it takes is three easy steps.

  1. Gather
  2. Prioritize
  3. Act

To check out more details on Trond’s steps, you can check them out in his article found in the link below!

Search Engine Land: Effective Keyword Targeting: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue