Eight Steps to Getting Your PR-Driven Link

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Public-relations-tactics-for-link-buildingAll SEOs have to do it.  They have to link build.  Link building isn’t the easiest thing to do in the business, but thems the breaks.  You have to get as many links out to as many people as possible, and Jess Champion knows all about that.  She’s worked in the PR business for quite a while now.  But before she began working as a PR consultant at Distilled, she worked in print and broadcast PR.

But now that Jess is working at her current job at Distilled, digital is pretty much where it’s at.  Now with some time at Distilled under her belt, Jess has decided to do a little writing.  A little writing specifically about PR and links.  In her article, An Eight-Step Plan To Get PR-Driven Links, Jess is going to share what she’s learned with just eight steps.

What are Jess’s eight steps to getting links?  Follow the link below to find out:

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