Email analytics and delivery platform, 250ok, has integrated Google Postmaster Tools data into its solution. It is able to pull in Google Postmaster data from Gmail across multiple IP addresses and sending domains for deliverability analysis via an API.

Google Postmaster Tools, launched in 2015, is a resource for high volume senders to analyze email performance and Gmail deliverability.

“Before now, it was very challenging to monitor Gmail performance across multiple IP addresses and domains,” said 250ok Senior Vice President of Product Alex Griffis, “This integration provides more context into Gmail delivery in a single report.”

Being able to optimizing for deliverability is key factor for email marketers, especially in times of the managed inbox. Using this integration, 250ok clients can access up to four months of Gmail performance data, which can be back-filled into 250ok’s analytics reports and dashboards. This gives marketers more flexibility in regards to analyzing their email marketing data.

According to 250ok, it will soon release tools that allow marketers to build custom dashboard widgets, reports and alerts based on Gmail performance.

250ok claims to be the first email analytics platform to gather Google Postmaster Tools data into one solution.

250ok email marketing insights includes analytics around deliverability, design, sender reputation, fraud protection and consumer engagement.

SourceAmy Gesenhues