In the the last 40 years that email has been around, there are a number of exciting trends and developments that hit the world of email marketing in 2018, including the emergence of AMP for Gmail to mobile email reaching its long-awaited tipping point.

Now that we are officially in 2019 and marketing budgets have “refilled,” this is a good time to give our email programs a restart and refocus efforts on innovation and speed to keep up with the demands of the customer.  This year, we can expect that customer expectations for quality content to keep rising.  Marketers must leverage new technologies and disciplines to push boundaries.  Email programs will become more and more personalized and even more interactive.  Because of that, it will become more effective at driving revenue and brand loyalty.

To achieve these lofty goals and marketing dreams,  has made some predictions for 2019 changes in the email marketing landscape you should be most aware of.

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