email-logoWhen you think of email, you think of an older way to communicate with each other through the internet where you can type everything you want to say, and send it directly to another person, just like normal mail, except without the wait time.  With that in mind, would you think that, generally speaking, digital marketing was learned from email?  If you break it down, email marketing includes several aspects of general marketing, such as brand introductions, product recommendations, and even advanced content marketing strategies.

Because it’s just email, many marketers are probably going to over look this form of marketing as not very effective and bland.  Why would I use email when I have AdWords campaigns, social media, and other channels of getting the word out there?  Email seems to be under-appreciated.  In a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the amount of money spent on email by marketers is significantly less than other digital channels.  Plus, email is proven to give you the highest return.

 has written a column for Marketing Land entitled, Email Is The New Email.  In his post, Alex discusses the awesomeness that is email and why we should give it a chance to shine right along side all of our other marketing campaigns.  Just follow the link below to read the post in full!

Marketing Land: Email Is the New Email