natopicIf you’re using a website, you expect it to not only run, but run well.  You want the site to load pages quickly and give you a satisfactory experience in general.  It’s a crucial component that boils down to a having a great user experience.  To Google, having a fast loading time was so important that they even included page load time in their search engine rankings.  In more recent events, Google had announced that they would be favoring web sites that utilized Transport Layer Security (TLS) in its rankings.

What is TLS?

Basically, TLS encrypts a website’s traffic, which prevents other entities from being able to monitor its communications.  But this can come with a downside.  Including this protection can bring with it more complexity to your site and how it communicates with others who are visiting.  Because of this, there is a chance that it could slow down your site and ultimately affect the user experience.

 has written a post on that talks about the issues that can happen when introducing TLS and how you can prevent your website from being affected by its performance slowing ways.  Check out the post by clicking on the link provided below.

Moz Blog: Enabling HTTPS Without Sacrificing Your Web Performance