With the elimination of net neutrality, the impact it would have on digital marketing will be “profound.”

This is according to Ryan Singel, who is from Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Security and an expert on net neutrality.

if the FCC chairman Ajit Pai proposal is approved at the agency’s December 14 meeting, the way the internet operates since it made its initial public communications service appearance will change at a fundamental level.

Analyst David Raab pointed out, “it’s been a very level playing field in terms of access,” since the beginning.  Your blog and CBS’s have the same ability to reach users, without any giant organizations receiving preference or price advantage as they do in TV or print distribution.

In a recently written piece on Medium, the general principle is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) “don’t get to pick winners and losers on the Internet.”

She noted that this has been “a well-oiled free market at work.”

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