Is This The End Of The Penguin & Panda Era Shakeups And Recoveries?

Googlepandapenguin For a while now, we’ve been bombarded with not just typical Google updates, but those updates that can have massive effects on people’s websites.  The impact that these updates have had on us, have been coming out of the woodwork like termites hearing the pest control guy at the door.  There have been reports coming at us about how this site and that have been effected.

But with the weeks since the release of Penguin 3.0, not even 1% of Google’s search results have been affected.  At RankAbove, where they work with a ton of data, they have seen about the same results that Google is reporting.  As you can probably surmise for  yourself, that’s not a whole lot of change.  It’s insanely small, actually.  Could we have hit a moment of calm where things are beginning to level off and we are going to be seeing a new normal?

Maybe.  But this could also be just the calm before another massive upswing of future Google updates.

, a marketing consultant for RankAbove has a post up on Search Engine Land that talks about how major algorithm updates from Panda and Penguin have wrecked havoc on websites, but he believes that the time of these big upsets are now behind us.

What do you think?  Check out Aaron’s post below.

Search Engine Land: Is This The End Of The Penguin & Panda Era Shakeups And Recoveries?