As somebody who probably runs a PPC agency, you know it isn’t unusual for clients to occasionally bring an outside auditor to review their PPC accounts.

There are times when your client will let you know this is happening, but sometimes you’ll be shocked to realize there is a request to access the account.

What’s worse, you may not even find out until after it has already happened, when the final report is forwarded to you for discussion.

Even though it can be understandable why some clients like having outside audits done for their PPC accounts, after all who can resist a “free” audit?  Understandably, I think we can see why clients may hesitate to inform their PPC agency to their decision.  There might be some embarrassment about the situation, or they might have mixed feelings about the audit itself.  There are cases where they client doesn’t trust the agency not to do some quick “fixes” in anticipation of the audit.  In this kind of situation, if you can’t trust your agency enough to let them know about your audit in advance, it would be wise to not let them run your campaign.

Bu regardless of the situation, eternal audits are something that PPC agencies need to expect.  But what’s it like to go through one?  How could the process be improved?

In an post written by , she’ll tell you about a recent external audit one of their clients initiated and some of the issues the process raised.

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