Although Google’s appeal of the 2.9 billion (€2.4 billion) fine imposed by the European Commission in 2017 is moving forward, EU Competition Commissioner Magrethe Vestager told colleagues that the other two antitrust cases against Google were “advancing.” This is based on a report from Reuters.

The two cases are exclusivity provisions in Google AdSense agreements and app-install requirements in Android-OEM contracts.

Although the “search bias” antitrust fine against Google was the largest in EU history, it doesn’t represent the maximum potential fine.  The EC (European Commission) can impose penalties fo up to 10 percent of total global revenues.  In this case, that would represent $11 billion (€8.9 billion), in terms of 2017 revenue.

Not only will there be future fines, but it’s expected that Google will be required by the EC to remove its app pre-install requirements from Android phone-maker agreements as it has been asked to do in Russia.  We’ll have to wait and see what the actual impact on Google’s rivals in Europe.

Due to the shopping search penalty and remedy, Google competitors complained that the measures taken “aren’t working.”


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