google-g-logo-2015-1920-800x450We know that Europe has has been having issues with Google for a while now with shopping search, but the problems for Google just keep getting bigger.  Not only is Google dealing with the current shopping search allegations, but there is now a parallel investigation of Android now taking off.

According to some comments being made by regulators and European politicians, there is the suggestion that there is a very long road stretching in front of Google involving a good number of investigations.

When it comes to Android, the EC is soliciting input from Google Maps competitors about the impact on businesses.  According to Bloomberg this includes:

[W]hether Google Maps for phones has supplanted portable or in-car navigation devices, such as those produced by TomTom NV and the HERE unit of Nokia Oyj . . .  Officials are also seeking data, such as user numbers, about downloaded or pre-installed mapping apps on devices, as well as costs mapmakers face to produce a mobile-ready app.

Right now, the Android investigation and any others that follow by the EC will probably to lead to actions similar to what was taken by he Russians.  Recently, Russian competition authorities ruled against Google and completely barred pre-installed apps on Android devices as a condition of OEM access to Google Play.

There’s a good chance that the Russian actions will become a norm for others, such as the EC.  It’s all about “browser choice,” such as what it was in the European Microsoft antitrust action that took place years ago.  Eventually, Microsoft was prevented from maintaining their Internet Explorer browser as the default Windows OS.

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