The EU’s Right To Be Forgotten Is A Mess & How Google’s Making It Worse

Google eu 200px It certainly seems that there is always something new to deal with when you look at the Google and EU’s Right To Be Forgotten action.  Just when you think that everything has been taken care of and good things are coming of it, some unseen consequence rears its ugly head.

In this case, due to the Right To Be Forgotten mandate, those who were convicted of pedophilia have asked that their actions be forgotten.  Also, every business that has been been convicted of fraudulent activities can seek to have these search results hidden from the public.  It even lead to censorship of content from three major EU news publications.

It seems that no matter what Google does to make people happy, it created more problems than it solved, it seems.  At first, Google have even fought against this whole Right To Be Forgotten thing, but had decided to accept and work along side it.

In an article written by  on Search Engine Land, we will be taken by the hand and lead through some issues that have been seen to develop since the right was established this year in May.

Check it out by following the link below.  Be ready for a lengthy read.

Search Engine Land: The EU’s Right To Be Forgotten Is A Mess & How Google’s Making It Worse