e-commerceWe all dream of being able to run our own company, our own business, or even just a simple store that would help people out while bringing in a little money.   ran a store as well.  An online store.  An online store that sold reusable sandwich bags.  Hey, if you’re going to sell something, why not be environmentally conscious about it, right?

Anyway, Shabbir  decided to  wanted to learn what SEO and inbound marketing was all about.  He took a look at a similar site that was doing really well and checked out the SEO campaign that made it tick.  Was it something that could allow him to do the same thing for similar results?  Maybe.

So this is where Shabbir’s article starts.  What makes a good SEO backed site run, and run well?  Shabbir wrote a guide on how an eCommerce site should be able to market to their customers to get business coming in like wild fire.

Check out his full article here by following the link below: