Everybody Needs Local SEO

Local seo map So, you’re into SEO I take it?  I assume you probably are, as you’re here reading this post.  It’s pretty important to know about how to do some general SEO in this line of work, and what you know has gotten you by.  If that’s the case, great.  At least you haven’t gotten pushed out of the industry because of your lack of knowledge on the matter.

Speaking of one’s knowledge of SEO, it’s great knowing as much as possible on the matter, but do you know specifically how to do Local SEO?  I hope so.  It’s pretty important.  Sure, you may know how to get somebody’s business website to climb the ranking ladder of several of the search engines, but that can change when somebody’s business front has crossed over from being all digital to having a website representing a brick and mortar store.  That’s where Local SEO comes in.

If you don’t have the knowledge or know how to work on Local SEO, you could be losing a fair amount of business.  And plus, that could make others look down on you and wonder why you can’t do at least Local SEO.

Greg Gifford has an article on Moz that discusses the whys and hows of Local SEO.  In his article, we will see a simple plan on how to beef up your Local SEO know how, so you’ll know what you’re doing when a client who has a physical store comes knocking.

To check out Greg’s article, you can visit it by going to Moz, or by following the link below to quickly get to the post.

Moz Blog: Everybody Needs Local SEO