mozcon-2013At this point in the year, MozCon is just five months away, which takes place between July 14 – 16 at the Washington State Convention Center.  Sure, that doesn’t seem like it’s all that close, but it never hurts to get people’s attention about it, does it?  It gives you more time to secure your spot at the event!

This year’s MozCon will have a ton of great stuff for you to do, so perhaps it’d be a great idea for you to try coming to the event!   has a Moz Blog post ready and waiting for you all on that gives you some great info about MozCon and what is in store for the event.

To find out what will be going on with MozCon this year, you can check out Erica’s Moz Blog post now by following the link below!

Moz Blog – MozCon 2014: Everything You Want To Know (Including the Kitchen Sink)