Facebook has become an integral part of most people’s lives. It allows you to stay in contact with friends and family or reconnect with people from your past. It’s a channel that is pretty versatile and easy enough to use.

So it wasn’t really surprising for us to learn that it is also the most popular social media channel. There are others that are vying for the top spot. Facebook, for the moment, is the king of the hill, though.

What’s most interesting about this platform is that it is popular across a wide range of ages, income groups, and other key demographics. Young or old, rich or poor, male or female – it doesn’t matter. Almost everyone finds something that they like on the site.

We found that out thanks to the extensive research carried out by the editorial team at 99Firms. The team decided to create a general overview of the channel from every angle that it could think of.

They spent a lot of time creating the infographic that you’ll see below. There’s a lot of information to go through, but it’s presented in manageable chunks. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in the channel.

Take a few minutes to go over it. You’ll learn:

  • The condensed history of Facebook
  • Statistics related to the user demographics
  • How people use the site and what activity they perform on it
  • The vital financial statistics
  • Who takes the top 10 spots in terms of number of fans
  • Who are the top 10 political leaders on the site in terms of followers
  • The top 10 sports teams on the site
  • The top 10 brands on the site
  • The emojis that are most commonly used
  • Who the competition is
  • Marketing statistics
  • What the best posting times are
  • Cyberbullying on the site
  • The big purchases made by the company.

We warned you that there was a lot of information, so it is going to take about five minutes to read. That said, it will be an extremely interesting five minutes, so don your reading glasses and check it out for yourself.