Everything You Need To Know About Always-On Marketing

Switch, A, Off, Turn On, Switch Off, Save Up

We seem to now be living in a world where people want to, and expect to, receive tailored, personalized services from brands at any point in time that they are ready for it, and not the business.

Three quarters of smartphone users these days expect immediate information about something whenever they open a tab. About half of users feel that they should be able to contact a place of business at any time.

In this situation, what can brands do to accommodate this way of thinking? This is where an always-on marketing strategy comes in handy.

What is always-on marketing? Always-on means that you are ready and willing to engage with your audience when they are ready to. It means having your campaigns and plans already in place, not launching campaigns in the regular sense when your business is ready to reveal something new.

Search Engine Journal has a post by Rachel Vandernick where she talks about where or not your brand should use always-on marketing and the practical steps it takes to get started.

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