facebook-76536_1280Facebook announced their new montage-video product for small businesses, Your Business Story.  It was mentioned in the same post that the company now has three million advertisers.

So, what is Your Business Story?  In shot, it is a video production tool that allows local businesses to combine still images and music to quickly create videos:

To celebrate the businesses that use Facebook to grow, we created Your Business Story— a tool that makes it easy to create a video that shows what your business brings to the world. Because we believe the best way to tell the story of three million businesses is to empower each one to share their own.

The Your Business Story is similar to their “SlideShow” offering, something that Facebook introduced for video ad creation in developing markets on slow mobile connections.  It’s important to note that when Facebook announcement Your Business Story, they didn’t mention anything about ads.  But it could still work its way into Facebook Ads.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

The 3 million active advertiser number has increased from 2.5 million in September.  For the last year or so, Facebook has said that the number of advertisers has increased by roughly half a million advertisers every six months.

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