Facebook Continues Their Social News Push With New Editorial “FB Newswire” Accounts

Facebook icon Could Facebook be growing any bigger?  Well, apparently it can!  It looks like Facebook is turning into a place that is the go-to source for news and is becoming a tool for media and reporters.  Just today, it was announced by Facebook that a new resource, powered by Storyful, will help deliver breaking and newsworthy content.  The new accounts will be active on Facebook at Facebook.com/FBNewswire and on Twitter at @FBNewswire.

One of the neat things about FB Newswire is that a post can be embedded by by major news sources.  Once embedded, the post can be shared by all.  The news feed will have original content, including photos, videos, and updates from those in the news industry.  Even though Twitter is still recognized as the soruces of breaking news, FB Newswire was made with the thought in mind that that Facebook is trying to get their own foothold into the news bracket.

For more, please see the official blog post.

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