RoomRooms-820x420Oh the days gone by of chat rooms in the internet of old.  How fun it might be to go back in time and return to these old forms of internet communications.  But wait a moment.  Is it true that Facebook has announced the launch of a new iOS app that allows users to interact anonymously together, just like it used to be in the 90’s?  This could be most interesting!

Facebook has admitted that the inspiration of it’s new app, “Rooms”, has been drawn directly from the chat rooms of yore and was “inspired by both the ethos of these early web communities and the capabilities of modern smartphones.”

So how does Rooms work?  Basically, user create their own identities, just like we did back in the day, but in this case, there is absolutely no connection to any social media profile.  That right there is a breath of fresh air.  After creating your identity, you create a message board (Room) that is focused on a particular topic.  Once the room has been created, other users will be able to join and add to the message board by sharing text, photos, videos or gifs.

What’s nice about Rooms is that you can customize your message board, by changing text and icons on like buttons, adding your own cover photo, changing the layout colors, and more, similar to Reddit’s sub-reddits.

Once your room has been created, just send out an invitation to join it using QR codes that cn be shared on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and SMS or email.

There’s much more to learn about Facebook’s new iOS app, and you can read the full article, written Matt Southern, called Facebook Embraces Anonymity With The Launch Of New ‘Rooms’ iOS App, and it is found on the Search Engine Journal site.

If you want to check Rooms out for yourself and what the discussions are like so far, head over to the App Store to download it for iPhone.