A few years ago, Facebook released an ad format tailored to retailers looking to retarget people browsing their e-commerce sites.  Over this last year, the company spun off different versions of these Dynamic Ads that have been customized for other industries, such as hotels and airlines.  Now, they’ve released Dynamic Ads for realtors.

Facebook introduced on version of its Dynamic Ads product that allows realtors to retarget people who browse home and apartment listings on their sites or apps with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The Dynamic Ads for Real Estate is as simple as it sounds.  Just like the Dynamic Ads for Retail and Travel, the Real Estate variation takes an advertiser’s product catalog and converts the listings into ads that will appear in the Facebook and Instagram feeds of people who had checked out similar listings on the realtor’s site or app.

According to Facebook’s documentation, every home listings that a realtor uploads will include an image of the property, its address, price and availability.  It can even include information, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, whether it’s for sale or rent, as well as if it’s newly constructed.

The information that realtors upload about every listing will combined with the information it’s able to collect from realtors’ and apps to pick out listings it deems most likely to appeal to the user.  The ads link to the realtor’s site or app.

Advertisers can use Facebook’s tracking tools to factor in details, such as the neighborhood a person viewed, or the price range they set for their search, to promote similar listings they could have missed.

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