facebook-logoThis spring Facebook finally gave it’s users the ability to display animated GIFs.  But, unfortunately, for those people who had their own Pages, they were left out in the cold.  Only those with personal profiles could share the fun that can only be had with animated GIFs.

Well, from August 20th and onward, Facebook began to unclentch their policiy on no GIFs.  According to a reported by TechCrunch, Wendy’s and Coca-Cola’s Brazilian brand Kuat posted their own GIFs on their Pages.

Facebook confirmed that a small number of Pages have been given the ability to post GIFs as an experiment.

A Facebook spokesperson wrote in an email:

“GIFs can be a fun and compelling way to communicate, so we’ve started testing GIF support in posts and boosted posts for a small percentage of Facebook Pages.  We will evaluate whether it drives a great experience for people before rolling it out to more Pages.”

Posting GIFs on Pages are the same as posting in personal profiles, just paste a link from a third party source like Giphy, Imgur or Tumblr.  If uploaded into the Facebook platform, they won’t display.

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