Facebook and Google AdWords, not surprisingly, are still the top media sources driving mobile app installs.  Apple Search Ads is on the rise though, according to AppsFlyer’s latest performance index (registration required).  The rankings are based on 6 billion installs from the first part of 2017.  They are organized by region and OS into gaming and non-gaming categories.

Google Adwords and Facebook, in terms of overall performance for volume and retention, remained the top two channels globally (versus 2016).  But, Apple Search Ads has risen dramatically  Now, it ranks 3 and 4 in the global non-gaming and gaming categories.

According to AppsFlyer, Apple Search Ads were number 1 in the iOS index “with a 30 percent higher ARPU and a 40 percent lower price than the other networks in this index.”

Twitter also showed a significant source of app downloads. The site came in at number 4 in the non-gaming category and number 10 in gaming. Similar to Twitter, Facebook’s and Google’s dominance as channels was reportedly greater in the non-gaming category than in gaming:

The superiority of the social and search powerhouses was far more pronounced in non-gaming than in gaming. In fact, their share of installs in non-gaming was 70 percent higher than their share in gaming. When looking at operating systems, their share on Android was almost 50 percent higher than on iOS.

The rankings are, somewhat, by region, category and OS.  But these two charts show the rankings across both Android and iOS on a global basis.

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