Facebook Instant Articles: What’s In It For Advertisers?

Facebook newsfeed5 ss 1920 800x450It was revealed earlier this month that Facebook took the wraps off of their new Instant Articles offering, which specifically targets and allows media outlets to, among other things, minimize their content’s loading time on mobile devices, which seems to always be an issue with a number of publishers.  The products also layers some additional look-and-fell improvements as well.

The biggest incentive that Facebook is giving to media outlets with Instant Articles is almost complete control over the ad revenue generated through its hosted content.

In this situation, there is some flexibility on this end.  There are two options being presented to publishers when it comes to filling inventory.  They either:

  1. Fill their inventory themselves, allowing them to keep 100 percent of the resulting revenue, or
  2. Have Facebook fill the inventory for them, and in return, Facebook takes a 30 percent cut

In a post by , we will learn more about how the situation with Instant Articles will work, and what it all will mean for marketers.  Check out the post by following the link I’ve provided below.

Marketing Land: Facebook Instant Articles: What’s In It For Advertisers?