Misinformation can be a burden for many people and groups, especially when it can reach large audiences. Facebook has been making a push on its Groups feature over the past few years to boos on-platform engagement.

Because of such popularity, Facebook announced that there are new rules for Groups. Facebook does take down entire groups if they are always breaking rules, or if it “was set up with the intent to violate our standards.”

Facebook stated:

“We’re taking further steps to stop people who repeatedly violate our Community Standards from being able to create new groups. Our existing recidivism policy stops the admins of a group from creating another group similar to one we removed. Going forward, admins and moderators of groups taken down for policy violations will not be able to create any new groups for a period of time.

For members who have any Community Standards violations in a group, their posts in that group will now require approval for the next 30 days. This stops their post from being seen by others until an admin or moderator approves it. If admins or moderators repeatedly approve posts that violate our Community Standards, we will remove the group.”

More detail on these rules can be found at Social Media Today and Facebook