facebook-76536_1280It looks like the autoplay video feature has gotten pretty big with a number of platforms.  Facebook has been testing a new wrinkle in its video offering, which features the ability to play videos automatically after the one you are watching ends.

The test is being shown to some users on iOS and Android devices.  This news is being reported this morning by Recode.

This feature is a move past Facebook’s recommended video, and different than autoplay in the News Feed, which has been around over a year.

From the Recode story:

In this new test, if you don’t click on a “related video” after a certain amount of time following the end of your video (Facebook is testing different lengths), the next video in the queue will start playing on its own.

Similar to how Netflix queues and and plays the next suggested video, if the feature fully rolls out, it’ll really help ramp up Facebook’s already boosted video views.

For more information on Facebook’s new video autoplay feature, check out the post by  on Marketing Land.

Marketing Land: Facebook Is Experimenting With Continuous Autoplay For Video