Facebook Launches Reactions Globally

A view of facebook's logo May 10, 2012 i In a announcement made by Facebook, yesterday marked the day the company finally launched their Reactions to all users.  Reactions have been something that was in the works for quite a while, which are extensions of the Like button, allows users to give more emotions beyond Likes to posts.  These Reactions include Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

Facebook reactions

Are you interested in checking out the Reactions?  If so, using them is simple.  If you’re on desktop, just hover your mouse of the Like button until the Reactions appear over the Like button.  If you’re on Mobile, hold the Like button until the Reactions appear and select the one you want to use.


This new addition to Facebook may take a bit of an adjustment for most users, as Facebook conducted global research that included focus groups and surveys.  Facebook even evaluated how stickers played a part in self-expression.  Yesterday’s release of Reactions was the culmination of this research and has finally been brought to the masses after all this waiting.

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