Already, Facebook as worked on their version of live television with Facebook Live.  But now, it seems they’re ready to take on live radio now.

Facebook announced on Tuesday Live Audio, an audio-only version of Facebook Live that is used to broadcast things like podcasts, book readings, radio shows and more.

Facebook users will have option to tune into a Live Audio stream and interact with it as they would a Live video stream.  They will be able to comment on them, as well as send reactions live.  But unlike with the video version, they can play the audio broadcast in the background.

If a user is on an Android phone or tablet they will be able to listen even if they switch from Facebook to another app, or even lock their device.  Unfortunately for iPhone or iPad device users, they can’t exit Facebook or lock their phones and keep listening.  They can still check out their Facebook without losing the stream.

But will people be able to listen to the broadcasts after they’ve ended?  A spokesperson hasn’t responded to this.

For the time being, Live Audio is in the testing phase with a few Page owners, such as TV and radio broadcaster BBC World Service, British radio station LBC, book publisher Harper Collins and authors Adam grand and Britt Bennett.  So far, the plan is to open this feature up to more people and Pages over the next  year, Facebook says.

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