The “Pronunciation” Program

Facebook, in the attempt to improve its speech recognition technology, is recruiting users to take part of the “Pronunciation” program, which is connected to Facebook’s Viewpoints market research app. Facebook wants qualifying participants to record the phrase “Hey Portal” followed by the name of a friend from their friends list. According to The Verge, qualified users will earn up to $5 for voice recordings. This payment is earned through points that are collected within the Viewpoints app. The program is open to users in the US and are over 18. They also need to have a minimum of 75 connections on Facebook.

Twitter Tests Tools To Fight Misinformation

With the 2020 election drawing nearer, Twitter has been experimenting with a feature that will help curb misinformation on the platform. According to NBC News, brightly colored label are being used and are being placed beneath lies and misinformation shared by political figures and politicians. Twitter confirmed that the labels are “one possible iteration” of new policies it plans to launch on March 5. A Twitter spokesperson told NBC, “We’re exploring a number of ways to address misinformation and provide more context for tweets on Twitter.”

A Different Way To Thread Tweets

Twitter is rolling a feature that lets you add, “A new thought to an old Tweet” so that you can thread Tweets posted days apart. In order to access this feature, you need to compose a Tweet on the mobile app, but before posting it, pull down on the composer window to view older Tweets and an option to “Continue thread.” From there, you can select a previously created Tweet and continue the thread. According to TechCrunch, the feature is rolling out slowly on iOS.

SourceTaylor Peterson