instant articles facebookIt may have come to the attention of some Facebook users that there are more advertorials adopting Facebook’s Instant Articles format.

Because of this, some cosmetic changes have been added to branded Instant Articles by Facebook that highlight the brand involved and give them more flexibility with the look of their content.  Although there are changes, the changes are minor, such as automatically adding a brand’s logo to the byline, as well as new colors, text styles and spacing for the corresponding content.  Together, they give brands more control over and visibility within their advetorials.  This could give publishers more of a chance to selling brands on Instant Article campaigns.

“People have told us that branded content that is overly promotional is less engaging, so we’ve designed these tools to give publishers elegant customization and branding options for marketers within their Instant Articles,” Facebook said in a company blog post announcing the changes.

Basically what this means is if the brand is highlighted up top and make the content look nicer below from the get go, the brand won’t feel like they have to highlight itself as much in the actual article.  Plus, if they get more obvious exposure from their branded content, they might be more chill with a publisher handling the work to make sure its advertorial isn’t focused as heavily on advertising.

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