Facebook-IconAt this years’s F8 Facebook developer conference, Facebook has officially rolled out the Like button for iOS and Android mobile app developers.  For quite a while, developers have wanted to be able to use the feature, and now it looks like their wish has been granted.

Here’s a bit from the company’s blog post:

“People using a mobile app can directly Like the app’s Facebook Page, or any Open Graph object within the app, and share on Facebook. The mobile Like Button works seamlessly with the Facebook account the person is logged into on their device, allowing people to Like any piece of content, while in your native app.”


It was suggested by Facebook that some use cases and illustrated some best practices for the mobile like button:

  • Determine the most relevant moment to show the Like Button
  • Position the Like Button for high engagement
  • Create an engaging Facebook Page

Anybody who is interested in reading more about these points can read about them in full in the post.

With mobile being as important as it is these days and with Facebook’s audience moving more towards using it, it’s important for the company’s desktop features and capabilities to be available to developers and publishers in that environment too.

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