On Thursday, Facebook announced that it will soon begin letting Pages participate within Groups.  Something else that was introduced by the company are new posting and comment management tools for Group admins.

Facebook Page accounts will be able to participate on Group Pages in the coming weeks, which is something Page owners haven’t been able to previously.  One of the Facebook Groups, called Peloton, has been highlighted as one of the most engaged and standout Groups on the platform, was able to gain early access to the feature.  According to Peloton, this feature has helped them with engagement.

“Peloton creates Pages for each of their instructors so they can share content in Peloton Groups that have generated strong engagement, allowing them to tap into a broader community and build their brand,” said Jayvee Nava, VP of community for Peloton.

Allowing Page to have direct access to interact with Group pages is something Facebook is doing as part of their initiative to bring more brands and advertisers to the Group experience.  Page owners were first able to create Groups connected to their Pages back in July of 2017.  A small number of Groups were then given access to the Facebook Pixel last year.  This made it possible fro brands to monitor Group content and its impact on traffic and conversions.

To give Group admins more control, Facebook is rolling out new post formatting tools and Group management tools, such as a new way to alert members who have violated page rules.  Something else that Group admins can do is filter activity logs by date rate and search through member requests by name.

A pilot program aimed at helping Groups and brands work together is being launched to expand subscription Groups to more partners and allow relevant Pages to join their communities.

Facebook provided this image to show how a Page can join a Group.

If you’re already running a brand, as well a a Facebook Group for that brand, the latest updates will allow business more access to conversations happening within their Facebook communities, and ultimately more direct-engagement with their followers.  This feature will give those brands who are not currently running a Facebook Group a good reason to give it a second look.

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