facebook-logoFor a while now, Facebook has been focusing a lot of their attention on video content, and as they continue to focus on this specific form of content, they are helping Page owners come along for the ride by providing them with a new set of tools that they announced on Tuesday.  These tools will help video publishers control and manage their video content.

Because of the new upgrade, there will also be a brand new video upload process to go right along with it.  It is during this process that Page owners are going to see man of the new tools, which include options to:

  • exclude videos from the News Feed and Timeline, and publish the videos only to the Page’s Videos tab
  • prohibit the embedding of videos on third-party websites
  • set a video as “secret,” which will make them accessible only via a direct URL
  • categorize a video as entertainment, news and so forth
  • add a custom thumbnail for each video
  • set an expiration date for a video, while still saving its Insights data after the video is removed
  • restrict a video’s audience by age and gender


Page owners are also being given a new Video Library to manage all uploaded videos, which are available via the Publishing Tools tab.  This allows owners to make edits to videos individually, or in bulk.

Facebook says that all of these upgrades will be released “over the coming weeks.”

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