Facebook has been trying its hand at eCommerce and online shopping for a while now, and in turn, it has to deal with a lot of different scams and scammers.

Fortunately, the company has announced a new partnership with the Better Business Bureau where more information about potential scams will be provided for online shoppers and how they can avoid issues.

Here’s what Facebook had to say:

“As we work to get ahead of this challenge and stop scammers looking to break our rules, we also want to empower people to protect themselves. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on the “Shop Safe, Shop Smart” campaign. Starting today and throughout December, the “Shop Safe, Shop Smart” campaign from the BBB and Facebook will run ads and organic content on Facebook, Instagram and various social media channels to promote actionable tips on how to spot, avoid and report scams online.”

The purpose of the campaign is to keep users up to date and knowledgeable about current spam tactics.

According to Facebook, they are looking for lasting change:

“We know that one campaign alone won’t solve all the challenges that consumers and businesses face. So, as part of the partnership with the BBB, Facebook will also become a founding member of the BBB Corporate Trust Council, a coalition of select companies sharing expertise to identify and solve key issues affecting consumers and businesses. The goal is to build more trusting relationships between companies and their customers in the long run.”

Source – Facebook For Business