facebook-76536_1280Back in December when Facebook launched its revamped search product, Android users were left out in the cold.  But now, Facebook has finally decided to let those users come in where it’s warm by allowing those who use an Android phone to find posts that have been shared in the social network, just like everybody else.



A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the rollout for Android has begun, and that it will continue over the course of the coming weeks.

Back in December, Facebook had rebranded Graph Search as Facebook Search on the web, mobile Facebook site and iOS devices.  Currently, its only available for the US English language setting.

What Facebook Search allowed users to do was to have the ability to search within posts shared with them, by friends and pages they follow.  The search-within-posts functionality was the users’ top feature request back in December when the feature had launched.  Originally, the plan was to be able to search within all public posts, but that got scrapped for this feature instead.


For more information about Facebook Search, see the company’s search microsite.

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