Facebook will no longer be requiring advertisers to use its Campaign Budget Optimization (CGO) feature in campaigns. Now, advertisers will have the ability to choose to either have budgets managed at the campaign or ad set level.

“To provide advertisers with flexibility and choice in their buying strategies, we have decided not to pursue a mandatory migration for Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO),” a Facebook spokesperson said. “While we still believe CBO provides performance and value gains, we will move to offering CBO as an option and not as a requirement.”

Initially, Facebook had planned to move all campaigns to CBO-only by September of last year, but ended up pushing the switch off a while. With CBO, the algorithm will automatically optimize budget allocation across the ads sets in a campaign.

There are many advertisers who pushed back against the change, as they feel that they’ve seen better results when they can set and control budges at the ad set level. Advertisers have been testing CBO for several months, with mixed results.

Because of the backlash, Facebook has abandoned it all together. According to a Facebook spokesperson, the company still believes in the efficiency of CBO, but it will stop forcing the issue for the time being.

SourceGinny Marvin