Facebook Reminds Developers Deadline For App Reviews Is Less Than A Month Away

Developers are being reminded by Facebook that if they want to maintain access to a number of APIs, the app review deadline is August 1.

If developers wish to retain their access to the following APIs for existing apps, they will have to submit their apps for review and “re-request” permission to use the APIs:

  • Facebook Login outside of email and default (any apps or websites that allow users to sign in using their Facebook account).
  • Pages API.
  • Groups API.
  • Events API.
  • Messenger API.
  • Instagram API.
  • Business Manager API.

When Facebook revealed it had suspended the analytics company for improperly employing user data gathered with an app (See the Cambridge Analytica news story), Facebook temporarily shut down its app review process to perform an extensive audit of all the apps on the platform.

Since then, the company suspended 200 more apps and reopened the review process.  But with this reopening, Facebook is enforcing stricter guidelines around the amount of data — and APIs — apps have access to.

With this new review process, existing apps now must “re-request” access to the listed APIs so that Facebook can evaluate if the app will get to retain access to the functionality and data availability via the API.

Not only do they have the upcoming August 1 deadline to worry about, developers will have another seven months to submit their app for review in order to keep access to the Marketing API and Lead Retrieval API.

“If you are using our Marketing API or Lead Ads Retrieval API, you have until February 1, 2019, to re-request permission to use them and any related permissions,” writes Facebook in the developer blog post.

Facebook announced just yesterday that the company is working to reduce the review process wait time.  The blog says that Messenger bot reviews are now taking three business days.  But, for app reviews for Facebook Login, Pages API and Groups API, the  wait is a lot longer.  The average wait is about seven weeks before developers will find out if they will have access to these APIs or not.

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