On April 3, Facebook announced the ability to publish hours updates and service changes on Facebook Pages. Businesses are able to mark themselves as “temporarily closed” or communicate other types of changes regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Also, as another tool that lets them communicate to customers, businesses have the ability to pin posts to the top of their timelines.

In order to make the changes,

  1. Go to Page Settings
  2. Page Info
  3. Temporary Services Changes

Businesses can indicate the location is temporarily closed or select other options, which can be found under “Open with Service Changes.”

Below are the admin screens as they appear on mobile.

According to Facebook, these updates or changes will appear on:

  • The business Page itself
  • Page previews
  • Search results
  • Curated lists of local resources on Facebook

Regarding lists, Facebook uses the example of food delivery: “Within Events, if people are looking at a featured list of ‘Places Offering Delivery,’ they’ll see businesses that indicate that their services include delivery.” A search for places offering takeout or delivery, presumably, would also show the same information.

You’ll see a before-after image showing a restaurant page that has marked itself temporarily closed below:

APIs haven’t been discussed, nor whether these changes can be made at any kind of scale for chains and multi-locations brands. It appears to be a manual process right now.

SourceGreg Sterling