A view of Facebook's logo May 10, 2012 iIf you’re a Verified Facebook user and an Android device as well, you can finally take Facebook Mentions on the go, now that there is the new Facebook Mentions Android app.  Mentions was launched by Facebook back in Summer of 2014 for iOS.  But today is a great day for Android users, as they have now been included in the loop of Facebook Mentions users.


Even though Android users are now able to access the app, there’s one problem that many of us are having – The general public still doesn’t have the ability to actually use the app for what it was intended for.  But hopefully down the road, this’ll change.  Facebook opened up a form in the fall that allowed users to apply to become a verified user.  If you aren’t verified yet, you can try applying to become verified.  Also, Pages can now apply as well, which is great, as brands and companies can now become verified.

With the popularity of Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook is doing what they can to catch up with their live video streaming service.

To find out more about the Facebook Mentions app, check out the Android app in Google Play.

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