Brands now have the option to easily run informal focus groups on Facebook now.

November 3 marks the date that Facebook rolled out a polling tool so that people and Pages can quiz their respective friends and followers across Facebook’s site and mobile apps.

Over the last month Facebook has been caught up in the polling craze.  Facebook added a polling feature to Instagram Stories back in early October.  A few weeks after that, the company announced that it acquired teen-centric polling app tbh.

The latest Facebook polling feature is similar to Instagram Stories’ version in that polls are limited to two answer options.  To draw attention to their Facebook polls, people and Pages will be able to attach GIFs and photos, as well as set a time for when voting will close, such as one day, one week, or a custom expiration date.  The person or page that created the poll can track counts as those who cast the votes.

With the addition of polls opens up an opportunity for pages to solicit feedback from followers without asking them to do anything more than tap a button.  The tool could be used to spur everyday engagement, which would inform actual business decisions, like which new flavor of a product to test.

Polling can even open up new data for Facebook, as is also the case with the tbh acquisition.  Lets say Facebook designs programs to parse poll questions, people’s answers could be used to better understand their interests.


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