Facebook Says They Have 2.5 Million Advertisers And Is Up A Half A Million In Six Months

A view of facebook's logo May 10, 2012 i Back in June of 2013, Facebook announced announced that they had reached 1 millions advertisers.  Fast forward to February of 2015, the social network announced that they had 2 million advertisers.  Now, as of September 27th, Facebook says that they now have 2.5 million.

By looking at the advertiser growth between June of 2013, February of 2015, and now, it’s clear that advertiser growth has been accelerating.

In compassion, it would be interesting to see the number of advertisers that Google currently has.  Even though we don’t have any official numbers from Google themselves, financial analysts are estimating that Google has about 4 million advertisers as of this date.

A good chunk of Faebook’s advertisers make up small businesses.  The percentage of these small businesses are, so far, not being disclosed by Facebook.  The company said previously that they have 45 million active small business pages globally.  They are trying to convert more of the Page owners into advertisers.

Not only did Facebook announce that they currently have 2.5 million advertisers, they are also introducing new tools and products that are meant to be directed at mobile marketers.  It is being reported that mobile advertising accounted for 76 percent of total a revenues in the second quarter.

As a final tid-bit of interesting news, Facebook is now the primary ad platform rival to Google, mainly in mobile.

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