facebook-logoI’m sure we’ve all been overrun with news of both Pinterest and Google joining the e-commerce land rush, but some may or may not have noticed that the Facebook Buy button is still MIA.

Well, just to let everybody know where Facebook stands, their experiment, which was launched last July and limited to a small number of merchants, is still in beta.  But as of yesterday, more merchants will be added to the list.  Shopify announced that they are offering access to the Buy button to a bigger group of its US clients.

Shopify has already had a number of clients using the Facebook Buy button.  The e-commerce platform has created a Facebook sales channel that can be found within its dashboard, and gives selected merchants invites to the expanded test.  They seem to be further want to expand by taking requests to join the test.

Shopify director of product, Satish Kanwar said in a statement:

“We help our merchants connect to their customers, wherever that may be.  As Facebook is one of the highest drivers of traffic to all Shopify stores, we’re excited to offer it as a channel.”

So when can we expect to see the Buy button appear on Facebook?  Facebook hasn’t given up the goods as when we will be seeing the Buy button in action.  In an email to Marketing Land, a spokesperson said that the Shopify data “will help us understand how the feature can drive sales for a wider variety of merchants.”

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