Facebook YouTube Video ViewsAccording to iSpot.tv, the TV ad analytics company, there are more Super Bowl ads and teaser videos being watching on Facebook than YouTube so far this year.  To be honest, I never thought I’d see this day, even though Facebook has been ramping up their native video abilities for a while now.  Perhaps this could be a sign of things to change, especially with Facebook working on their own dedicated video service?

With data that counts video views through February 2, the company said that 75 million Super Bowl ad video views have been watched on Facebook, were as YouTube has gotten 74.9 million video views.  According to iSpot.tv, last year at this time YouTube had a huge lead over Facebook – 87.6 million compared to 45.5 million.


Ever since Facebook started getting serious about their video capabilities, there has been a battle over video views with YouTube, which includes last years Super Bowl.  According to Visibile Measures, there was data that showed that Facebook earned 25 percent of all Super Bowl commercial views online.  Although YouTube took expectation to the idea that its dominance of online video viewing could be in trouble, the YouTube said, two days later, that it was still the king of Super Bowl commercial viewing online.  They said that the time spent watching Super Bowl ads had already surpassed time watching in all of the previous year.


But we do need to consider how video views are counted.  Facebook is generous on how they count a view.  When a user watches at least three seconds of a video, it’s counted as a view.  For YouTube, a view is counted “around” 30 seconds.  So with this fact, could Facebook be artificially bloating up their numbers of video views to appear more comparable to YouTube?

For iSpot.tv, it uses the three-second standard four counting both Facebook and YouTube views.

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