Facebook.HashtagSince the overhauling of mobile Pages look last fall, Facebook has been experimenting with a new design for the desktop version of Pages that drops right-rail ads from the page, along with other changes.

With the screenshots that are posted on Twitter by The Next Web’s head of content, Matt Navarra, it looks like the redesigned desktop Pages will adopt the changes Facebook made to mobile Pages last year, like buttons that are displayed more prominently atop the page that people can click on to open a business’s app or shop on its site.

There was confirmation on this test from a Facebook spokesperson on Tuesday.

“We’re testing a new design for Pages on desktop to make it easier for people to learn about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including a larger cover photo and more prominent call-to-action button.”

There are several cosmetic changes being tested, including the full-width cover photo not being partially obscured by an overlaid profile photo.  The spokesperson even confirmed that the redesigned desktop Pages that are being tested are omitting the display ads that appeared previously on the right-hand side of desktop pages.

So will this mean that Facebook will completely get rid of the right-rail ads entirely?  Not necessarily, at least not at this point.  It could be that Facebook is withholding the right-rail ads from the test to make room for the redesigned Page elements.  Not only is there a larger cover photo, the page navigation menu has been repositioned along the left-hand-rail.  Also, he page information boxes, such as the like count and “about” boxes have switched over to the right-hand rail.  If you’re an advertiser, there wouldn’t be much to worry about as, even Facebook did officially roll out the ad-free desktop Pages, the right-hand ads would appear on its desktop homepage and people’s profile pages.

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