Instagram Brand Collabs

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, want to better support collaboration between brands and influencers. A new test that extends the Brand Collabs tool was only available for Facebook creators is now available to a select group of Instagram creators. The tool is meant to help businesses connect with relevant influencers for branded content partnerships.

Brands will be able to indicate they type of audiences they want to work with, including country, gender, age, number of followers, and interests. Instagram will provide performance metrics while giving brands the option to promote influencer content in the feed like an ad as long as brand collaboration campaigns are running.

Snapchat Unveils Interactive Ad Format

In partnership with Paramount Pictures for the 2020 release of “Top Gun: Maverick,” Snapchat has launched a new interactive movie preview ad format dubbed the “trailer reaction lens.” With these AR lenses, Snapchat users can participate in the campaign by creating their own content in a split-screen format, which will capture the movie trailer and the user’s reaction at the same time.

Users will be able to add creative elements to their reaction shots with digital overlays used to promote the film. With this move, Snapchat is stepping into the arena of platforms that wants to encourage real-time interaction from users.

SourceTaylor Peterson